Three Beaches with Crystal Clear Waters Amidst the Enchanting Landscape of Mani -

Opening Hours: 9.00 am to 9.00 pm

Continuing the road towards Stoupa, there is a hidden gem awaiting discovery. It’s the Delphinia Beach. Concealed from prying eyes, it eagerly awaits to welcome connoisseurs to its tranquil and crystal-clear waters. The meticulously crafted pebble beach, shaped by time and the sea, emphasizes that you are indeed in Mani.

However, at Delphinia, one might not settle for just the magnificent beach lying before them. They can swim a little further north and find themselves at the Polyora Cave. There, a small sandy beach awaits, adorned with stunning stalactite formations. Above the beach, there is a canteen where one can savor anything from a refreshing drink or snack to a traditional ouzo with appetizers. It’s an ideal spot for taking a break from the scorching sun or winding down the day by replenishing lost fluids and calories by the sea.

These three beaches are located in close proximity to each other, yet they exude such distinctiveness. Perhaps the only thing they share in common is their unwavering authenticity and the rugged beauty of Mani.

By Vasilis Koulouberis